Monday, March 12, 2012

Wear it, love it

Contrary to what people may think, I have the hardest time taking pictures for the blog. Don't get me wrong, I love doing this, but it's just a little weird since I'm no model nor I try to be... I only know how to take normal pictures smiling and looking either drunk or manic. Plus, add to this the limited time you have during the day to quickly take a snap of what you're wearing. On this note, I want to explain that this is not a photography blog, it's a candid streetstyle attempt with no budget whatsoever and normal/overexposed clothing that is hopefully styled to the taste of a few of you. I apologize if the quality of the pictures is not optimal all the time, and that is entirely my fault, not of those wonderful photographers that help me out every day - shout out to you, ladies!

So, back to the outfit. Hat, jersey, sneakers. Sorry if I'm repeating myself, but it was the weekend, c'mon... and it's comfy! Besides, what's not to love about the colors of this jersey? Hello, grandma! :D

Contrario a lo que la gente pueda pensar, lo paso fatal a la hora de hacer las fotos para el blog. No me malinterpreten, me encanta hacer esto, pero para mi es raro ya que no soy modelo ni pretendo serlo... Solo se tomar fotos normales y sonriendo, donde parezco o borracha o maniática. Además, a eso hay que agregarle el tiempo limitado que tienes durante el día para escaparte y rápidamente hacer unas cuantas fotos de lo que llevas puesto. Y ya que estamos en el tema, quiero aprovechar para explicar que esto no es un blog de fotografía, es un intento de streetstyle sin ningún tipo de presupuesto y ropa normal y muy vista, que esperemos, está combinada al gusto de algunos. Mis disculpas si la calidad de las fotos no es óptima todo el tiempo, y es totalmente mi culpa, no de las fantásticas fotógrafas que me ayudan todos los días - un saludo, mis chicas!

Bueno, volviendo al tema. Sombrero, jersey, deportivas. Lamento si me estoy repitiendo, pero vamos, que es finde... ¡y además es cómodo! Y sobre todo ¿a quién puede no gustarle los colores de este jersey? ¡Hola, abuelita! :D

Photos: RoVega

Jersey: Cos
Sneakers: New Balance
Bag: Pull&Bear
Shorts: Zara
Hat: H&M


  1. Me encantaaaaa!!!

  2. Vas ideal! Y suscribo cada palabra del post respecto a la fotos...a mi tampoco me gusta :-(
    Yo te entiendo!!!
    El jersey me rechifla.
    A mi esta semana me invade el mint.
    Un besote!

    1. Gracias Veryi! La verdad es q es un poco coñazo pero hay q aguantarlo!
      Un besazo!

  3. reading this brings a smile to my face, because i can relate. i just hate being in front of the camera, because i'm not one of those naturally photogenic people. i hate to pose and prefer in-the-moment and spontaneous photos. so, just keep doing what you feel comfortable with. that's the most important part. i love that jumper!

    best wishes!

    1. Thanks Leyla! I guess it's just a matter of getting used to but remain comfortable, like you say. Kisses!

  4. El jersey es precioso!

    No conocía tu blog, te sigo desde ya

    Un beso

    1. Muchas gracias Lara! He visto el tuyo y me encanto! Besos

  5. Likewise! I'm not posting any outfit pictures - maybe that way a blog becomes a bit boring to others these days. And another thing in common: I feel uncomfortable in presenting clothes in a picture. I was and am always in the background, also in my job - leaving the spotlight to others. However, thankfully you made it into the front of the camera. It's a very comfy yet stylish looking outfit - and the picture walking down the street is just lovely! (and who wouldn't adore COS....)
    Happy Tuesday!

    1. Thank you so much! I just checked out your blog and it's stunning, and not at all boring! I love blogs with that style, I actually follow a few and will definetely be cheking out yours. The spotlight is on you because of the way you narrate what you see, trust me! :D

  6. Te sigo desde el minuto cero... y una vez más te ves guapísima... totalmente comfy!

  7. Pues te quedan muy bien las fotos!!!

    saludos desde [MAN]

  8. me encanta el color gris para las medias y también tus deportivas con ese toque flúor!


  9. Love your sweater and shoes - u make casual look chic :)

    I would love for you to check out my new post


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